One Step Beyond – The Sacred Mushroom – 1961

The Sacred Mushroom, an episode from the series One Step Beyond, presented and directed by John Newland, was released by the mainstream studios from Metro-Goldwin-Mayer in 1961.

In this 22mn episode, we can watch clearly how the Psychedelic Mushrooms were saw with great admiration before the stigma put upon it by prohibitionist laws. John Newland goes to Mexico on a quest for the Sacred Mushroom among the local Mazatec tribe shamans. Once back, Newland submit itself to a series of telepathic and perceptional tests, proving upon a board of reputed scientists the amazing properties of clear and conscious perception given by the mushroom.

The most interesting thing about this short documentary is to observe how the scientific community looks to the potential of this entheogen, before the great stigmatization it was subjected by decades of blind, lobby induced prohibitionist.

It is as if like the lawmakers and their funders do not wish free-minded people to think and foresee beyond their normal perceptive capabilities. Clearly the human conscious development is unwanted for those waiting us to work much more and think, mush, mush less…





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